Homebrewed Robots!
By Camp Peavy
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Images from the Maker Fair 2007
Click here to see images of the
February 2007 HBRC meeting
featuring Wayne Gramlich and
"RoboBricks2 on a CAN Bus".
Alan Downing and his homebrewed
Pooh-bear Click to view images of HBRC
Challenge 2006 Phase III
Tony Pratkanis: "We don't design software. We
just hack at it until it works." Click to view
images of the July HBRC featuring "Trinity
Firefighting Robots!"
Click to view images of the 4th
Annual HBRC Challenge Phase I
Images from the May 2006
HBRC SIG and meeting; BS2
and the Parallax USB
Oscilloscope plus A
Propeller-based Robot
View images of
RoboGames 2006
Images from the "Maker
Wayne Gramlich presents
"Tabletop CNC". Click to see
images from the April 2006
HBRC meeting.
Go "on the road" with the
HBRC as we entertain the
Santa Clara Chapter of the
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Total World Domination!
2008 HBRC Challenge "Phase I"
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