Tony and his new ant inspired walker robot...
Formica Integroides.
Bob and Ted's Excellent Odyssey continues
with a fantastic new chassis.
Alan Federman AKA "Dr. Bot" with his homebrewed robot
"PMMP" (pneumatic mediated mobile platform). That's one
of NASA's PER (Personal Exploration Rover) robots to the
Brandon re-introduces Sparky the TABLEBot. He
has transplanted Xploradora's Xilinx brain.
Xploradora was the first robot to reach the orange
cone in RoboMagellan competition.
Here's Chris showing us one of his recent
It actually climbs walls... now that's just wrong!
Dave Wyland shows progress on his latest obsession... R1A1. Based on a Zagros platform,
Mini-ITX board and a Lynxmotion gripper this is destined to become a rational machine. Dave,
John Slater and Ingolf will be giving a presentation on object recognition using Lowe's SIFT
algorithm in February... stay tuned!
Rose and Mike demo the latest on their walker "Ingoshu".
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Wayne Gramlich shows
a prototype
"Inter-Module Bus".
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